LRW – “Legal Research Readings for Students: A Selective Annotated Bibliography”

Legal Research Readings for Students: A Selective Annotated Bibliography

SHAWN G. NEVERS, Brigham Young University – J. Reuben Clark Law School

Supplemental readings that are informative, interesting, and brief can do wonders in a legal research course. I use them to emphasize important points, facilitate interesting discussion, and provide a “real world” view of legal research. Students enjoy the change of pace and are generally engaged by the articles – something I can’t say about textbooks. This paper is a selective annotated bibliography of articles that could be used as supplemental readings in introductory and advanced legal research courses. The fourteen articles listed cover the importance of legal research, the research process, electronic legal research, and researching primary sources. As part of each annotation I have included my “two cents” about when and why these articles might be used in a legal research course.

Source: LSN Legal Education Vol. 5 No. 41,  09/01/2008