Chinese Law on LexisNexis: enjoy it while you can

Without much fanfare, LexisNexis recently added the LexisNexis China Law Database with English language translations of Chinese laws and regulations. After inquiring about a Chinese language version of the database, I learned that the China Law Database appeared on academic accounts by mistake and will soon disappear. If you are attending AALL, please consider lobbying LexisNexis representatives to keep the database.  Paul and Erika’s survey research demonstrated a strong preference for Westlaw among librarians, so perhaps LexisNexis can distinguish themselves by offering better access to foreign law materials.

In the meantime, take advantage of the China Law Database while you can.  File-Name:LNCHNL.

LexisNexis Versus Westlaw – Update

Paul recently wrote about our recent LexisNexis Versus Westlaw survey results.  And, based on good feeback and suggestions from our readers, we’ve revised and enhanced the survey findings.

All 176 pages of the  revised edition of the survey results are now available as part of our Legal Research Paper Series.

The enhancements include a new table (Figure 20) that contains user preferences displayed by library type and a very long spreadsheet (Appendix Q) that cross-tabulates responses to questions one, nine, ten and eleven.  These responses, as gathered, connect the user groups with their stated preferences and preference explanations.  [Note: Appendix Q does not include respondents who only answered question one.]

If you would like to see the data in Appendix Q in a different format, we’ve created a Google shared document with all of the responses to questions one, nine, ten and eleven.

If you have any questions, please let us know.  Thanks!