Legal Research Guide to Canadian Statutes

Legal Research Guide to Statutes

Eric B. Appleby

Maritime Law Book, 2007

From the introduction:

This legal research guide is meant to provide instruction on how to find cases that are relevant to an issue in the law of statutes and statutory interpretation. This guide does not provide instruction on how to find statutes or regulations.

Table of Contents

1. The language of statutes – common terms defined

2. Operation and effect of statutes

3. Operation and effect, on earlier statutes

4. Interpretation of Statutes

5. Remedial Statutes

6. Penal Statutes

Hat tip: Ted Tjaden. ¬†One of many nuggets in his excellent book “Legal Research and Writing,” 3rd Edition.

New Sunlight Labs Project for 50 States’ Legislation

Sunlight Labs, creator of OpenCongress, has started a new wiki project for obtaining data files for legislation,
legislators and votes in each of the 50 states. Volunteers are welcome!

Hat tip to today’s Law Librarian Blog.