‘Long Lost Legislative History’

We often tell our students not to overlook law student notes in law journals…As affirmation of that point, I ran across a rather interesting little tidbit in the Journal of Air Law and Commerce.

The author, John T. Cocklin, writes:

“This article uncovers the long lost legislative history of 701(e) and reviews the history of 701(e) in the courts.  Previous courts and law review authors (save one) found no direct legislative history for the section.  Notable among these law review authors were attorneys working for the NTSB and its predecessor agenices….In 1952, however, a second-year law school student at the University of California named R. Bruce Hoffe discovered the legislative history of 701(e).  His article never landed on the citation trail and his research sat quietly on the pages of the California Law Review for fifty years.”


Cite: “National Transportation Safety Board Aircraft Accident Reports: The Long Lost Legislative History of Section 701(E)”
by John T. Cocklin
74 Journal of Air Law and Commerce 781 (2009)