De Minimis Curat Lex: Secrets to Success for 1st Year Law Students

“De Minimis Curat Lex: Secrets to Success for 1st Year Law Students,” by Professor John H. Scheid, 37 Capital University Law Review 632 (2009).

“To say the least, the study of law for entering students can be frustrating.  However, there are tricks of the trade,” writes Professor Scheid in the beginning of the article.

Here is the list of the “Seven Steps to Success” excerpted from the work.  The author provides examples and reasons for the following steps:

A. Brief the Cases Before You Come to Class

B. In Each Case Come to Some Conclusion as to the Principle(s) or Rule(s) of the Case

C. Within an Hour Before Class, Review Your Briefs for That Day

D. Take Class Notes in a Separate Book, Preferably on Loose-Leaf Paper, but Definitely Not on the Brief Itself

E. Take Class Notes Only on One Side of the Spiral Notebook.  Leave Plenty of Room Between Notes.  As Soon as You Leave Class Go to the Library and Fill in Your Notes

F. Before Briefing Cases for Tomorrow’s Subject, Review the Class Notes of the Last Two Weeks for That Subject

G. Brief the Cases for the Next Day