Wikis in government

Today’s Wall Street Journal has an interesting “Information Age” article on its opinion page.  L. Gordon Crovitz reports on a research project by Don Tapscott called “Government 2.0: Wikinomics, Government & Democracy.”   “The goal is to use Web-based collaboration to ‘reinvent government’.”  The WSJ piece reports that “[t]he federal government has launched several wikis . . . Intellipedia lets 37,000 officials at the CIA, FBI, NSA and other . . . agencies share information and even rate one enough for accuracy . . .   Diplopedia lets State Department staff share information. . . . “  The article is available at:


Marcus C. Peacock, Deputy Administrator U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, has a letter to the editor in the June 2, 2008 Wall Street Journal, “Wikis Are Helping Our Government.”

In his letter Mr. Peacock notes:

. . .

I launched one of the first federal blogs less than a year ago (see EPA’s Greenversations at It’s already transformed into an agency-wide dialogue with the public on everything my agency does.

In a test wiki last fall we collected more environmental information on the Puget Sound area in a couple of days than we could previously have done in as many weeks.  . . .