Summer University for Continental Law in Paris

The Paris based Foundation for Continental Law (Fondation pour le droit continental) offers a three week course on foreign, comparative and international law. This year’s program includes courses on Asian legal systems, bioethics law, comparative constitutional law, international litigation, and introduction to Roman law.  Professors come from throughout Europe and classes are offered in French and English.

Foundation for Continental Law – Summer University for Continental Law. July 6 -July 25, 2009

The Summer University for Continental Law was established by the Foundation for Continental Law under the direction of its International Scientific Council.

The Summer University of the Foundation for Continental Law is the new and international, yearly meeting place for persons interested in continental legal culture, whether they are academic scholars, legal professionals, or students.

The Summer University offers a training course with a Certificate in Continental Law upon completion. It focuses on students having completed their legal studies’ cycle, on professors and professionals.

The Summer University, in addition, provides the opportunity for networking and establishing numerous international contacts. This will be a true international campus that is held in Paris each year

French court decisions – IP and information technology cases and Le Forum des droits sur l’internet provide timely access to full-text or synopses of information technology, Internet and IP law decisions from French (and occasionally Belgium) courts, including courts of first instance, courts of appeals and the Court of CassationLe forum des droits sur l’internet adds keywords to all decisions, thereby facilitating subject access to the case law. Both sites also offer news reports and articles.  All materials are available in French only. Merci beaucoup to our friends in France for making this case law available to us free of charge.                                                                                                         

Le Forum des droits sur l’internet                   Click on “veille juridique” to find the court decisions.