Corporate Social Responsibility in China

China CSR Map provides information on organizations, corporations and individuals involved in corporate social responsibility. Information is available in English and Chinese. The site also provides links to international CSR codes and organizations.

China CSR Map

New Journal: Journal of Korean Judicature

The Supreme Court of Korea has recently published the first volume of the  ”Journal of Korean Judicature.” The majority of articles are in English with additional contributions in Chinese, Japanese, French and German. Articles cover civil procedure, family law, medical law, commercial law, taxation, bankruptcy, intellectual property, and labor.  I have not found a Web site for this journal. Kamsamnida to our friends in Korea for this useful new publication.

Journal of Korean Judicature. Volume 1, 2008

Court Publications Registration Number 32-9740029000168-10

Data on Chinese Legal System and Law Schools

Steve Roses and Chang Wang of  Thomson Reuters recently offered a Webinar on the Chinese Legal System and their WestlawChina database. As part of their presentation, they reported the following information about China:

1986 = 989,409 civil cases

2007 = 5,333,546 civil cases


40,000 laws and regulations issued since 1978.


Over 800 international arbitral awards each year.


143,000 attorneys in 2008 (up from 40,000 in 1993)


Lawyers per population

China  1:8.500

U.S. 1:300


Over 630 law schools and law departments with 244,121 law students.


12% pass rate for the Chinese bar exam.


Unfortunately, they did not provide sources for the information, but it does paint an interesting picture of the legal system and legal education in China. Many thanks to Steve and Chang for sharing their expertise and data.



AsiaLinks from the National Diet Library of Japan

Many thanks to the Librarians at the National Diet Library of Japan for maintaining the AsiaLinks site. Arranged by country, AsiaLinks offers limks to administrative, legislative and judicial sites. In addition to legal categories, AsiaLInk also includes links to libraries, research institutes, political parties, country search engines and periodicals. All country categories appear in Japanese and English.


New Book: Scholarly Communication in China, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea and Taiwan

Chandos publishing recently released a new mongraph: “Scholarly Communication in China, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea and Taiwan.” This work is edited by Xia Jingfeng, a reference librarian at Rutgers. It will be interesting to see if any regional repositories, open source platforms, or informal exchanges are emerging in these East Asian jursidictions.  Hat tip to the Tao Yang at Rutgers for alerting us to this interesting new title.

Summary from the Publisher’s Website:

This is one of the very few books that systematically explores the characteristics of scholarly communication outside the West. Over the last decade the advances in information technology have remodelled the foundation of scholarly communication. This book examines how countries/regions in East Asia (China, Japan, Korea and Taiwan) have reacted to the innovations in the conduct of research and in the exchange of ideas. It outlines the traditional systems of scholarly exchange in China, Japan, Korea and Taiwan, and then concentrates on the efforts of these countries/regions to provide revolutionary ways of writing, publishing, and reading of information produced by members of the academic community. It also discusses the achievements as well as challenges in the process of technology innovations, highlighting the uniqueness of practices in scholarly communication in this part of the world. 

This is the final post from the Rocky Mountain branch of Legal Research Plus. Many thanks to our friends at the University of Denver Westminster Law Library for their help these past weeks. I look forward to joining my colleagues in Palo Alto for future postings.

Journal of East Asia and International Law

The Yijun Insititute of International Law (Seoul, Korea) has published the inaugural issue of the Journal of East Asia and International Law. Articles are written in English and the editorial board includes academics from nine North American and Asian jurisdictions. This journal should help our understanding of the formation of formal and informal transnational law mechanisms in East Asia. The Current Law Journal Content Web site has already added the TOC from volume 1.

Journal of East Asia and International Law

From the Journal Web site:

“Aims and Scope of the journal The Journal of East Asia and International Law (ISSN 1976-9229) aims to promote research and thinking of legal scholars and practitioners from both East Asia and another regions having its regional focus. The Journal is open to any international and comparative legal concerns and controversies regarding East Asian affairs. All aspects of international and comparative law applicable to East Asia will be covered by the scope of this Journal. In addition, significant developments relating to East Asia and international law will be dealt with. The Journal tries to bring those topics on the discussion table from an independent viewpoint of East Asia. The inter-regional character of the Journal is ensured by its Editorial and International Advisory Board drawn from outstanding lawyers from the countries in this region as well as from its global network.”