Book Review: Revue Bibliographique – Le Blog Droit Administratif

The Droit Adminsitratif blog publishes every two month a very handy compilation of new French language titles called “Revue bibliographique.”  The revue includes cover images, summaries, and table of contents.  Book includes various legal topics, not just administrative law. Highly recommended for collection management and acquisition librarians.  The blog also has an interesting “droit et cinema” category.

Le Blog Droit Administratif

Revue Bibliographique Nov/Dec 2010

Salalm 2010 Blog

For those of us who could not attend SALALM (Seminar on the Acquisition of Latin American Library Materials) in Rhode Island last week,  the Salalm Blog provides some of the highlights.

Salalm Blog

hat tip to Adan Griego.

Annotated Bibliography of Spanish-English Legal Translation and Interpretation

Professor Gladys Matthews of the College of Charleston reviews various Spanish langauge legal dictionaries and bilingual legal dictionaries in the following article available online:

An Annotated Bibliography of Spanish-English Legal Translation and Interpretation

Gladys Matthews

Proteus Newsletter of the National Association of Judiciary Interpreters and Translators

Vol. 19,  No.1 (Spring 2010)

Pages 9-12.

Online version of article is only available to members of NAJIT.

Going Global: Developing an Electronic Foreign and International Law Collections

Building on George’s post from Monday, Mary Rumsey has written a useful guide to databases and Web sites devoted to public international law research.  Looking forward to Part II in the near future.

Going Global: Developing an Electronic Foreign and International Law Collection Part I

Mary Rumsey

Trends in Law Library Management and Technology

Vol.18  pp.30-33. (2008)

Article is available on HeinOnline.  Hat Tip to Mary and the HeinOnline Newsletter.

Article on evaluating English-Spanish legal dictionaries

Speaking of bilingual information…  In the latest issue of Law Library Journal, Dennis Kim Prieto of Rutgers Law Library offers a timely and useful article on bilingual English-Spanish dictionaries. He reviews the latest lexicographic research to undercover criteria by which to assess bilingual legal dictionaries. The annotated bibliography at the end of the article will prove useful to acquisitions librarians as they make decisions about which dictionaries to buy. Dennis’ article is a welcome addition to the understudied area of legal lexicography, especially in foreign languages.

Dennis Kim Prieto, En la tierra del ciego, el tuerco es rey: Problems With Current English-Spanish Legal Dictionaries, and Notes Toward a Critical Comparative Legal Lexicography, 100 L. Libr. J. 251 (2008).