Twoogle and Twofind

Maybe this isn’t news to our web savvy readers, but I recently twumbled upon (err, stumbled upon while on twitter) two nifty search tools:  Twoogle and Twofind

Both Twoogle and Twofind are brought to us by Browsys.    And, both tools allow for simultaneous searching. 

In the case of Twoogle, user can search Twitter and Google at the same time.  The results are displayed split-screen, with Google results on one side and Twitter on the other.  And, for fun, you can click “Tweet Results” if you’d like to share what you find on Twitter.    Pretty simple, but very practical.

And, Twofind allows users to search across two different search engines with the same split-screen display.  The default is for Google and Bing searching, but you can search across any combination of Google, Bing, Yahoo,  and Twitter.