“Freeliterature” Portal to E-Book Sites

Freeliterature is a valuable portal to e-book sites, including not only collections of items in English — such as Project Gutenberg — but also in other languages from around the globe.

Categories of books/materials covered — see here — include, among other things:

  • Classical Greek & Latin – Medieval
  • Technical and Scientific
  • Audio Books
  • Art
  • Music
  • Research, Education and Scientific Publications

Freeliterature also invites participation — see here — in the proofreading of electronic texts in order to help make them available online.

Hat tip to ResourceShelf.com.

Cross-posted on Law Library Blog.

One thought on ““Freeliterature” Portal to E-Book Sites

  1. Hi all (thanks for the post) – would like to add: an important part of the links is situated on the homepage of the site – just scroll down to arrive at “general – English/American – Europe – Asia … – Poetry” – links are provided to more than 600 sites worldwide in many languages. Enjoy, and you might consider to help out with the digitising…


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