Index of Global Philanthropy and Remittances

Index of Global Philanthropy and Remittances 2009

Hudson Institute Center for Global Prosperity

Table of Contents:

Philanthropy and Remittances: Helping to Weather the Economic Storm

Trends in Total Government Aid to Developing Countries

U.S. Government Aid to Developing Countries

U.S. Total Economic Engagement with Developing Countries

All Donors’ Assistance to Developing Countries

U.S. International Philanthropy: Private Aid at Work

Foundations: Funding Innovation

Corporations: Building Partnerships

PVOs and Volunteerism: Grassroots Action

Universities and Colleges: Making a Better Future

Religious Organizations: Doing Good in the World

International Philanthropy Outside the United States: A World of Generosity

Global Remittances: A Lifeline for the Poor and Beyond

Methodology and Acknowledgements

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