Report on Nepal’s New Draft Constitution

NYU School of Law’s Center for Human Rights and Global Justice has released the following report:

Rights Within Reach: Securing Equality and Human Rights in Nepal’s New Constitution

From the report’s conclusion:

Ending centuries of caste-based discrimination and ensuring Dalit rights in both public and private spheres must be a central feature of Nepal’s long awaited social, political, and economic transformation.

The new Constitution will serve as the basis for the development and enforcement of legislative, administrative, budgetary, judicial, and educational measures that are necessary to secure this transformation. The drafting of the new Constitution presents the Constituent Assembly with the profound opportunity to demonstrate Nepal’s commitment to human rights and to affirm the inherent dignity of all individuals. Many of the Thematic Committees’ proposals for the new Constitution take significant steps toward meeting these goals. However, as noted throughout this Statement and the accompanying Chart, in order for Nepal to meet its human rights obligations, certain revisions to the proposals are needed. In addition, rights that are not currently reflected in the proposals must be included and guaranteed. CHRGJ strongly encourages members of the Constituent Assembly to consider these recommendations as they deliberate on and draft the new Constitution.

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