Latin American Studies Full-Text Online

International Information Services has recently launched a subscriber ($) database of full-text journals from various disciplines, focsuing on Latin America. There appear to be only a handful of legal journals on their list of publications. For now, many of the items are available for free.  Spanish and English language content is planned.

LatAm Estudios Texto Completo en Línea / Latin American Studies Full-Text

From the database description:

Ninety-five percent of the content is licensed from top Latin American and Caribbean institutions and universities. Much of the important scholarly content for Latin America comes from Latin America, yet little of it is included in the major U.S. or European scholarly indexing services. LatAm-Studies targets this content. We index for free-text searching and offer you the full-text of everything.

LatAm-Studies Full Text Online is a database service dedicated to the promotion and dissemination of research on Latin America and the Caribbean. We have licensed journals and other academic content of the most prestigious research institutions in the region and the world. Because we charge a subscription fee for access to the service, we are able to pay royalties to our content providers in order to help them thrive and to support continuing research. In addition, we keep our subscription fees at low cost to achieve the widest possible dissemination of content.

Country Coverage brings together thousands of full-text reports on 46 countries.* Coverage includes all countries in South America, Caribbean, Central America and Mexico.

Subject Coverage
The reports included in the database cover a multitude of business, government, economic, and social issues.

Examples of specific subject coverage include finance, trade, environment, human resource development, history, languages, culture, bests practices in government, fisheries, tourism, education and research on women. An average study is 10 pages long and contains research, analysis and forecasts. Most contain statistical tables, charts, and/or graphs.

Document Browsing
Studies are arranged for easy browsing by subject, study provider, and alphabetical order.  In addition, all studies are indexed in a comprehensive database that is quickly searchable using free text. Each month, the home page highlights new and noteworthy studies and updates.

The database search engine offers advanced search features for experienced researchers while delivering excellent results for novices, because it forgives spelling errors and automatically stems. Users can browse by country to find country specific annual statistical overviews.  Multi-country and Latin America wide comparisons are also available.

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