UK Government Report on Reforming Financial Markets

UK  Treasury Report on Reforming Financial Markets (July 2009)

Table of Contents

Executive summary 3

Chapter 1 Global financial markets 17

Chapter 2 The financial crisis and the Government’s response 27

Chapter 3 The causes of the financial crisis 35

Chapter 4 Strengthening regulatory institutions 47

Chapter 5 Significantly systemic firms 69

Chapter 6 Managing systemic risk 77

Chapter 7 International and European cooperation 93

Chapter 8 Supporting and protecting consumers 103

Chapter 9 Competition and choice in financial markets 119

Annex A Primary legislation proposals 137

Annex B Areas for discussion 149

Annex C Summary of impact assessment 163

Annex D How to respond 165

Annex E Abbreviations and glossary of terms 167

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