Filming Legal Cultures: French and American Civil Procedures Compared

West’s Legal Ed Center has a free video program called “Filming Legal Cultures: French and American Civil Procedures Compared” in which U.S. and French judges and practictioners dicuss the differences between American and French civil litigtaion. In addition to the video discussion, the site also provides handouts.

Program Description:

As more and more French companies conduct business in the United States, they face the possibility of being sued.  U.S. companies conducting business in France face a similar possibility in France. It is difficult for them to grasp the nuances of working within these two very different legal systems. It is easier to learn about the law than to comprehend the culture of a foreign court. This innovative project seeks to make such understanding possible through the use of images.

Judge Antoine Garapon, head of the Institut des Hautes Études sur la Justice in France and author of Juger en Amérique et en France, along Daniel Schimmel, an American litigator with Shearman and Sterling will explore some of the intricacies of the two systems in a completely new manner.  Their analysis of images of both French and American civil trials will show how practitioners, companies, academics, judges, and others working in a global environment can reach a better understanding of U.S. and French legal cultures.

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