Long titles of Chinese statutes

The International Energy Agency book “Cleaner Coal in China” has posted its annexes online. Annex III includes a list of Chinese  statutes related to renewable energy and environmental law. The Annex provides the full title of each statute in English and Chinese, in addition to information on the date of passage, entry into force, and the government organ that issued the law.  Because uniform translations of statutes are uncommon, having the dates and the decree numbers of the government bodies helps locate the full-text in English or Chinese of these laws in databases, such as LexisNexis China Law Database, IsinoLaw, LawInfoChina and Westlaw China. Let’s hope that all publications will provide such complete and useful bibliographic references to Chinese legislation.

Cleaner Coal in China http://www.iea.org/w/bookshop/add.aspx?id=355

Book Annexes: http://www.iea.org/Textbase/nppdf/free/2009/Coal_china2009_annexes.pdf

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