Citability – Help Solve Link Rot…

We have lamented here about the headaches that link rot causes…Who doesn’t get annoyed by the web link that no longer works?

But, the folks at are trying to do something about it.

Their basic goal is very simple and compelling: to have the government create advanced permalinks on a paragraph level to all public government documents.

The beauty of a permalink is quite obvious; and, any fan of public-domain, vendor neutral citation should be pleased by the paragraph level specificity of these links.

Here is an example and explanation  from their site:

“Permalinks are human-readable URLs with timestamps, document ID, and an an anchor to the section/paragraph:
Example:  The example would point to section 1, subsection b, chapter 1, paragraph B, clause ii in SB 1234 on May 2, 2009 at 8:26:16 am UTC”

If you are interested in lending your support, visit their site.  Also, visit if you would like to help promote or give feedback on some of the standards that they are suggesting.

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