Publicist: online supplement to Berkeley Journal of International Law

Last week Erika wrote about the Legal Workshop consortium of law reviews. This month also saw the launch of “Publicist,” the online companion to the Berkeley Journal of International Law. Volume 1 is devoted to the UN Law of the Sea Convention. It will also feature shorter articles less encumbered with citations.

Publicist: Berkeley Journal of International Law

From  Brian R. Israel & Louise S. Gibbons, announcing the launch of “Publicist”:

It is our great pleasure to introduce Publicist, an online publication of the Berkeley Journal of International Law (BJIL). Publicist supplements BJIL’s print journal with comparatively shorter and more frequent essays written by leading practitioners and scholars of international law. “The teachings of the most highly qualified publicists of the various nations” are identified as a subsidiary source of international law in the Statute of the International Court of Justice. Publicist is designed to facilitate the rapid, global dissemination of teachings of these contemporary “publicists.”

Publicist welcomes submissions analyzing current topics in public and private international law. Essays should be brief (around 3000) and more-lightly-footnoted than a traditional law review article. The concise format facilitates the rapid publication of essays. We aim to edit and publish submissions within weeks of acceptance.  In order to do this, BJIL editors will not verify each citation as we do for our print journal; ultimate responsibility for accuracy rests with authors.


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