The Good Guys

Paul blogged recently about CILP, the “Schooner Tuna of Legal Information Providers.”  In tough financial times, CILP took the bold step of rolling back prices.  And, they invited other publishers to follow suit.

Well, we think we should commend publishers who are following this great example.  So, we plan to share with you the names of publishers and vendors who are listening — publishers and vendors who aren’t raising their prices, or offering new flexibility and services in this trying time.  Publishers who are law librarian partners in pain.

Recently, we received the following from Gale:

An open letter to our friends in the library community

Dear Librarian,

Since joining Gale, I’ve been struck by the company-wide commitment to and partnership with libraries. Not only is it the kind of relationship any company should have with its customers, it’s also a sound business strategy. If you’re not successful, we can’t be successful.

A true partnership also means that we must work together in both good times and bad. We’ve listened carefully to suggestions from librarians and library groups about how to best support you in this economic crisis.

Our objective is simple: how can we continue to provide the greatest value that helps you serve your users with quality information? The bottom line is: we will work with you to find a way for you to maintain the same level of service at a price you can afford.

Here are some ways we will support your mission of providing uninterrupted access to valuable information.

  • We will work with you to lower your overall spend for reference information. By working individually with libraries and consortia, we’re confident we can develop custom, creative solutions to meet your unique budget challenges and provide options to reduce spending on information resources. We are prepared to be flexible and to spend time to prepare a solution that works for you. Learn more.
  • Additionally, on request, we are removing authentication on resources that support local economic development. This allows resources to be shared freely with local government, chambers of commerce and small business associations via widgets with unfettered access – increasing library visibility to legislators, the business community, and others who may be able to provide additional support for your library.
  • We’ll continue to advocate for libraries – through user awareness, free access to valuable resources, helping you find grant sources, key sponsorships of library associations and causes, library marketing, and much more. We want to help your library continue to be a vital part of your community. And we want to help you double usage of your Gale resources – reaching more users with the right information. Visit our new Power to the user site at for more.

“Power to the user, value to the library” is a core value that we live and breathe every day. I invite you to e-mail us at or call your Gale representative (800-877-GALE) to talk about how these programs can help your library remain vital during tough times.


Pat Sommers

Patrick C. Sommers

I was really struck by the reference to “removing authentication on resources that support local economic development” — that shows real heart.  And, the willingness to work with libraries on prices and a commitment to service is what we need right now.

And, kudos to World Trade Online.  We recently heard that there would be no price increase for this service in the coming year.  Thank you!

Who’s next on the Good Guys Roster?

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4 thoughts on “The Good Guys

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  2. Add BNA to the Good Guys list — I just got this e-mail from our sales rep:
    “BNA is implementing a zero percent increase for law schools renewing their BNA electronic price plans from March 1, 2009 through February 28, 2010. This policy applies to renewals of the following electronic packages:
    BNA All, Core Plus w/ Tax Management, Core Plus and Core.”

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