Article on Legal Education in Brazil

The latest issue of the Revista Jurídica Universidad de Puerto Rico has an article on reform of the legal education system in Brazil.

Legal Research in Brazil: Traps and Alternatives to Legal Formalism                                                                                               Caio Mario da Silva Pereira Neto and Paulo Todescan Lessa Mattos                                                                                          Revista Jurídica Universidad de Puerto Rico. Vol.77  No.2 (2008).

“We persistently talk of a crisis inlegal teaching in Brazil and otherLatin Ameican countries in spite of a the recent wave of innovative experiences in many institutions of the region. The diagnosis of this crisis is not new… it is possible to highlight at least two central aspects of the diagnosis: (1) an apparent incompatability between legal practices that are perceived as traditional … and the need for legal actors to be in constant transformation because of internationalization; and(2) the ostensible inefectiveness of the teaching methods employed , which are based exclusively on lectures where professors articulate abstract dogmatic concepts …”

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