Article on Islamic environmental law in Arab countries

The latest issue of the journal, Saudi Aramco World, offers a brief article on the use of Islamic law principles to conserve land in Saudi Arabia and Lebanon. 

Excerpts from the article:


“With one eye to this Islamic past, and another to the environmental challenges of the present, some Middle Eastern conservationists and environmental planners are looking to the ancient model of the hima to address the modern problem of preserving threatened habitat throughout the region.”


“Instead of cutting people off from the land, as in a formal protected area, himas encourage traditional uses that are compatible with or contribute to the environmental health of a site”


“The overall goal is to fuse traditional practices with recent developments in conservation science as a way to achieve sustainable development “

A Tradition of Conservation

Tom Verde

Photographs by Pascal Beaudenon

Saudi Aramco World

Vol.59 #6 pp10-16. (November 2008)


The article is available online at:


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