How a law school grows

Stanford Law School just distributed its annual Facebook, a bound photo directory for the school.  The first such Facebook was issued here in 1983.

So while sitting at the reference desk this morning, waiting for customers (it’s been a slow Friday), I counted faces in the first and most recent Facebooks and came up with this comparison:

  •                                         1983/84                    2008/09
  • Faculty                                   45                             55
  • Visitors/lecturers                   11                              83
  • Fellows                                    6                              23
  • Deans (other than faculty)      3                                6
  • Library staff                           25                              28
  • Law school staff                    53                             130
  • Advanced degree students     9                               65
  • First year students               171                             170







2 thoughts on “How a law school grows

  1. Before the SLS facebook became a separate publication they published similar photos in the Law School Journal in the first issue of the school year. I think it was just students then so it probably won’t feed your statistics.

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