The Ugly “P” Word

New on our shelves:

“Plagiarism and Legal Scholarship in the Age of Information Sharing:  The Need for Intellectual Honesty,” by Carol M. Bast and Linda B. Samuels, 57 Catholic University Law Review 777 (2008).

Thought provoking question from the article:

“While not usually viewed as scholarship, professors often develop teaching materials for use by their students, such as study guides, assignments, quizzes, and tests.  While some professors may draft the teaching documents from scratch, many borrow language from a colleague or from an instructor’s manual. . . .

Should these instances of copying teaching materials be treated differently from other academic work or should the same standards apply?  A conscientious professor writing a manuscript takes great pains to quote passages borrowed from others and to credit the original authors.  However, the same professor may borrow language from a colleague or an instructor’s manual for use in a teaching document without it occurring to the professor to credit the original author. ”

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About Erika Wayne

Erika V. Wayne is deputy library director and lecturer in law at Stanford Law School. Along with George Wilson, Kate Wilko and Paul Lomio, Erika Wayne has co-taught Advanced Legal Research for 3 years. Erika's interest in Open Access dates back to the 1996 when she helped in the development of the Securities Class Action Clearinghouse -- the first court designated internet site for public posting of securities litigation filings. And, she hates to pay for *anything* that should be free. She has a law degree from Penn and a library degree from Illinois.

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