In Focus: Research (from the National Law Journal)

The latest issue of the National Law Journal has a special supplement:  “In Focus: Research.”  One interesting article advocates for the wider use of “research attorneys:”

Research attorneys offer focused services and training, by Hollye R. Mann, Amy J. Spencer and Joanna Hudson-Therway / Special to The National Law Journal, The National Law Journal, July 14, 2008


Legal research traditionally has been a core service provided by law firms to their clients, and it is one area in which firms can employ significant innovative solutions to differentiate themselves, while still providing a cost-effective bottom line for the modern, sophisticated and expense-savvy client. One such solution is to create a department of experienced research attorneys who can focus exclusively on providing firmwide substantive legal research services, training and support for knowledge management and other initiatives. . . .

. . .

Research attorneys may work closely with, and receive training from, the firm’s library staff, whose role is to identify and manage research resources and techniques. In conjunction with the library, research attorneys also can participate actively in advanced training not generally available to, or practical for, practicing attorneys, including research-specific seminars or training and vendor presentations of emerging products. Research attorneys can then combine their knowledge of research tools with their legal expertise to analyze information and provide superior legal research services to firm practitioners. This benefits law firm attorneys and clients seeking accurate, targeted research expertise.


And here are cites and links to the other articles in the supplement (a subscription may be necessary for access):

Finding information on an opposing party’s site
Web users should know that site owners can research them, and that older versions are available.
Tracey R. Rich / Special to The National Law Journal

Librarians can play key business-development role
A law firm library has a wealth of information to support the process.
Jaye A.H. Lapachet / Special To The National Law Journal

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