Bloomberg adds new enhancements

Bloomberg is working to add new communications enhancements — as of 16 June 2008 — to its system, including in BLAW, for:

* Adding attachments to messages quickly
* Never losing a message by mistake
* Providing unlimited space to compose messages
* Sending to multiple recipients without creating a SPDL (Speed Dial) group
* Ensuring more powerful MSG (Message) search capabilities

In addition to the many topical areas (bankruptcy, corporate, insurance, litigation, securities, etc.) of law covered in Paul Lomio’s 29 May post to this blog

Bloomberg Law Reports – Good stuff for current awareness

Bloomberg has now created Sustainable Energy and Asia Pacific Law Reports.

About the Sustainable Energy report, one of the professors here just e-mailed this note to me:

This is very good and useful–I’d be keen to see it regularly.

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