Bloomberg Law Reports – Good stuff for current awareness

We now receive Bloomberg Law Reports.  I’m not one to plug publishers, but I must say that I have received extremely favorable responses to these reports.  I forward them to faculty and they have consistently told me that the quality of the reports is extremely good. 

Here’s what we get (with a few faculty responses noted):

Bloomberg Law Reports®- Antitrust & Trade

this looks interesting and better organized than competitor publications.  I would love it if you could send me these

Bloomberg Law Reports® – Bankruptcy Law

Bloomberg Law Reports® – Corporate Law

Bloomberg Law Reports® – Employee Benefits

Bloomberg Law Reports® — Health Law

This looks great! Thank you!

Bloomberg Law Reports® – Insurance Law

Bloomberg Law Reports® – Intellectual Property

Bloomberg Law Reports® – Labor & Employment

Bloomberg Law Reports® – Litigation

Bloomberg Law Reports – Mergers & Acquisitions

This is quite interesting.
It would be useful to see it regularly.



Bloomberg Law Reports® – Securities Law

They arrive weekly as nice PDFs.

And they all come with this note:

For more information on BLOOMBERG LAW™ (BLAW) and the Bloomberg Professional service, please contact Amy Wilson at or Sebastean Leoni at

so if you’re interested in learning more, I suggest contacting one of these Bloomberg reps.

3 thoughts on “Bloomberg Law Reports – Good stuff for current awareness

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