Tools of the Trade, part II

More times than I can count, I have landed on the doorstep of fellow law library websites, using a pathfinder or guide created for specialized research.  These types of guides will show up often in my list of favorite things, but I wanted to start of with a guide prepared by Documents Librarian Jennifer Bryan Morgan from the Indiana University School of Law Library. 

Tracking down pieces of legislative history at the state level can be a tricky path to follow.  Thankfully, many state and law school libraries have put together pathfinders in order to point out what documents are available at each stage of the process and where you can find them.  Jennifer’s guide, State Legislative History Research Guides on the Web, allows users to link to these guides online in 50-state, one-stop-shopping style.

A site worth bookmarking and one I have used on several occasions when approached by bewildered students needing to do comprehensive state legislative histories.

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