Article on evaluating English-Spanish legal dictionaries

Speaking of bilingual information…  In the latest issue of Law Library Journal, Dennis Kim Prieto of Rutgers Law Library offers a timely and useful article on bilingual English-Spanish dictionaries. He reviews the latest lexicographic research to undercover criteria by which to assess bilingual legal dictionaries. The annotated bibliography at the end of the article will prove useful to acquisitions librarians as they make decisions about which dictionaries to buy. Dennis’ article is a welcome addition to the understudied area of legal lexicography, especially in foreign languages.

Dennis Kim Prieto, En la tierra del ciego, el tuerco es rey: Problems With Current English-Spanish Legal Dictionaries, and Notes Toward a Critical Comparative Legal Lexicography, 100 L. Libr. J. 251 (2008).

2 thoughts on “Article on evaluating English-Spanish legal dictionaries

  1. Many thanks, Sergio, for your kind comment on my little posting as to Duncan Alford’s Mandarin Chinese self-study bibliography!

    I just got the new Law Library Journal issue and saw the Dennis Kim-Prieto piece on English-Spanish legal dictionaries you reviewed in your post.

    It is quite interesting that the Law Library Journal also has another piece — “Comparative Evaluation of Online Machine Translation Systems with Legal Texts” — in the same issue.

    All the best,
    George :-)

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