Tools of the Trade: Some of my favorite websites/databases, part I

We all have them, our go-to, must view websites and databases that make life on the reference desk a bit easier.  In what I hope will become a weekly posting, I will highlight some of those that I have come to rely on for their timely updates and superb content.

With the teaching and study of constitutional law one of the focuses of scholarly life at SLS, keeping on top of the Supreme Court’s docket is a daily function of the reference desk.  Key to our ability to get copies of decisions as soon as they appear and track down amicus briefs filed at any stage of a case, is SCOTUSblog.  This website, spearheaded by Tom Goldstein and Amy Howe*, is one stop shopping for everything Supreme Court related.  Recently added to the site is their SCOTUSWiki, with previews, recaps, and analysis of cases before the Court.

I’ve made checking this blog a morning ritual and have come to think of it as an indispensable tool of the trade.

*(as full disclosure, please note that Tom Goldstein and Amy Howe have both been lecturers at SLS)

One thought on “Tools of the Trade: Some of my favorite websites/databases, part I

  1. Kate is right about the tremendous value of this website. It’s a must-visit for news, analysis, statistics and even the opinions themselves. Faculty here are often chomping at the bit to get Supreme Court decisions as quickly as possible. And more than once I have found a decision posted to Scotusblog *before* it appears on the official Court website. I don’t know how or why. It’s most impressive.

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