Bloomberg Law Ramp-Up

Bloomberg, a widely-known provider of business and financial news data, has been ramping up its proprietary BLAW (Bloomberg Law) product — described as an “all inclusive tool providing in-depth legal analysis, filings, opinions, real-time and archival news, indexes, rankings, company and biographical information, research and streaming live trial coverage on a single, integrated desktop platform” — to compete with Westlaw and LexisNexis.

As part of an educational initiative, Bloomberg has been rolling out BLAW to certain law schools. Stanford was one of the first law schools to receive a Bloomberg Law terminal.

One of the new BLAW legal search tools going head-to-head with Westlaw’s KeyCite and LexisNexis’ Shepard’s Citations is BCIT, the Bloomberg Law Citator.

Bloomberg is also building up its a collection of links to law blogs in its LAWB news and monitoring tool, including practice area blogs (such as securities law, mergers & acquisitions, and antitrust); legal interest blogs (such as individual law firm blogs); and general interest law blogs (such as SCOTUSblog and the Volokh Conspiracy).

-George Wilson

2 thoughts on “Bloomberg Law Ramp-Up

  1. There was a article “Bloomberg Law Citator” in the May 2008 issue of Bloomberg Markets (May 2008). The article discusses some of BCIT’s “innovative features,” such as the “so-called normalized result of the case.”

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