Open Access Legal Scholarship

Open access is in the news following Harvard Law School’s announcement “Harvard Law faculty votes for ‘open access’ to scholarly articles”

There has been coverage on the story by, “Harvard Law School to Distribute Research for Free

and the Harvard Crimson, “Law School Adopts Open Access for Scholarship – Proposal was written by Palfrey, cyberlaw expert and incoming library chief.”

Duke Law School has made its journals available on the web since 1997, and has hosted an open access repository of its faculty’s scholarship since December 2005.  The repository is accessible at: .  You can read about Duke’s long-time commitment to open access in this paper:

Danner, Richard A. (2007) Applying the Access Principle in Law: The Responsibilities of the Legal Scholar. International Journal of Legal Information, 35 pp. 355-395, .

Here at Stanford, and at many other schools I’m sure, we’re talking about it.


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